Wayfair Return Policy: How to Return Something to Wayfair

How To Return Something To Wayfair

It’s one of those days – you’re sitting on your couch, trying to get through the workday when suddenly, you come across pictures of some beautiful work-from-home setups and inspiration strikes you. You actually decide that today is the day you order some furniture and set up your station.

You go online to Wayfair and look through the wide variety of products they stock and land on some pieces that you like. You place the order, and you wait for it to arrive, only to realize that your new table doesn’t fit in the space you have, and your chair is not the right color to match with the rest of your room. What do you then? Well, shopping at online retailers like Wayfair comes with the bonus of returning the products that don’t fit or are not what you assumed, and that is something you can always take advantage of.

Wayfair allows customers to return products for free within 30 days of the purchase date. Returns can be initiated on Wayfair’s website, and products need to be in their original condition and preferably inside the original packaging. Wayfair does not offer free shipping for returns, and usually discounts the value from the refund.

The Wayfair Return Policy Rules

When ordering online, it will always serve you well, in the long run, to familiarize yourself with the return policy of the retailer that you buy from. Many retailers have different policies with different refund options and different product acceptance rules.

Wayfair lets you return items that don’t fit in your room or are different looking than you imagined within 30 days of the purchase. You can request store credit for the price of the furniture piece you’re returning, but Wayfair also lets you ask for a refund in monetary terms.

You will not be able to return some items, such as items bought on sale, personalized items, and bundle items, unless you want to return the entire bundle.

The items you want to send back also need to be in their original condition, and it is much easier to get through the returns process if you have the item in its original packaging when returning.

How Much Does It Cost to Return Something to Wayfair?

One of the concerns you may have when trying to return something to any retailer is what it might cost you. You’ve already had to wait on your plans to start setting up your home office, and you wouldn’t want to spend more money on returning something you don’t need.

Wayfair doesn’t charge return fees for products that you want to return and offers both full refund and store credit options. Shipping fees for the original order and any assembly services you may have purchased are non-refundable. Wayfair also charges shipping fees for returns, and usually discounts the value from the refund.

Wayfair charges you shipping return fees depending on how big or small the product you’re returning is.

Returning Heavy or Large Items

Buying a large item of furniture is a commitment that you make. When buying that piece online, you run the risk of it not fitting in your space or the vision you had in your head not materializing in real life, which means that you now have to return the huge item to the retailer you bought it from.

Wayfair does not charge anything extra for returning their heavy or large items other than the shipping fees. Still, you will only be refunded for the price you paid for the item itself and not for any shipping fees or assembly fees that you may have originally paid.

While you will pay the shipping fee, Wayfair will ensure that they coordinate with the logistical company to have the item picked up from your home.

Can You Return Assembled Items to Wayfair?

Wayfair is one of those retailers that delivers its products to your doorstep in different packages to assemble yourself at home.

While Wayfair makes it easy for you to return any items you want, the store does not let you return products that are already assembled by customers or by a professional crew. Wayfair has little value for the product once it is returned to them assembled in its final form.

So pretty much, you need to be absolutely sure that you want to keep your furniture piece before you start assembling it as once you’ve assembled it, you won’t be able to return it anymore. You could disassemble the product, pack it up and return it, but that could prove to be a hassle for some.

Returning Damaged Items

Your order has arrived from Wayfair, and you start assembling it only to discover that some parts of the furniture piece are damaged, so you can’t fully assemble your piece and use it in your room.

According to Wayfair, they understand how frustrating it can be and so make it very easy for you to return damaged items without paying for shipping and offer for you to either get the item sent to you for free and replace the damaged parts or get a full refund.

You are allowed to initiate the return process within 30 days of the purchase, so you need to make sure you open your package and quickly check your parts’ conditions after delivery.

If you really want to return a product that you may have damaged during assembly, then you won’t be able to return that product to Wayfair, but you can always sell it or salvage the parts for something else.

Final Thoughts

Online shopping brings with it a lot of uncertainty in terms of how the product you’re ordering will actually look or fit in your space, and sometimes it can go to plan, but on some unfortunate days, it can go so wrong. On those days, Wayfair has you covered with their return policy and makes it easy for you to initiate the return process online within 30 days of purchase.

All returns are free but require you to pay to ship, and you will not be refunded for the shipping or assembly costs you may have paid. Assembled pieces are ineligible for return, and damaged items are free for you to get replaced or refunded. Wayfair makes the uncertainty of shopping online a little bit better with their flexible return policy.

For additional Wayfair-related questions, feel free to check out our full guide on Wayfair.

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