Will Home Depot Assemble Furniture? (Free vs Costs)

Home Depot has become one of those stores that everyone has heard of and has been to. They have a huge selection of products for everyone, including DIYers, contractors, and customers looking to buy some new pieces of furniture. One of the best features of Home Depot is that all of their items can be either purchased in store or delivered to your home (including plants!)

Much of their furniture is flat-packed as that is the layout they have in their store and requires you to assemble it yourself at home. Having flat-pack furniture helps Home Depot store it easily and allows you to take it away after the purchase without hiring a truck or a van.

Home Depot offers assembly services for grills, patio furniture, and sheds. Customers can choose to have the product assembled in-store or be assembled at their homes. Some items can be assembled free of charge at a Home Depot store, but the average assembly fee is $99-$179 for grills and patio furniture and $150-$600 for sheds.

How Much Does Home Depot Furniture Assembly Cost?

The cost of assembly for the product that you purchase will depend on the style and the price. Home Depot provides assembly services for grills, outdoor patio furniture, and sheds.

The type of shed that you have purchased will dictate the assembly fee you will have to pay, but the average price of assembly for a Home Depot shed ranges from $150 to $600.

Grills and patio furniture also don’t have a set assembly rate as the fee depends on the price of your new grill or patio furniture. The range that it will be in, however, is around $99 to $179. If you would like for any extra pieces to be assembled that are not a part of your patio set, you will be charged an extra $30 per piece.

If you have an existing grill that you want Home Depot to take away once your new one has been assembled, you will have to pay a fee of $75 for the haul-away.

Does Home Depot Ever Offer Free Assembly?

If you’re shopping in-store at a Home Depot, you will come across the fact that they offer free assembly. This free assembly is offered on products that you will buy and then have assembled in-store before taking them home or getting them delivered to your location.

One important thing to just keep in mind is that the free assembly only means that the assembly service you’re getting is free. It does not include any delivery or renting charges.

While you may be excited to learn that you can have your grill, furniture, or shed assembled for free in-store, you should also note that unless you have your own truck or van, you will have to splash out $19.99 or more for van rental to transport your new purchase to your house.

Again, the service of assembly is free, but everything apart from that will cost you money. If you have your van, by all means, take advantage of this offer, but if you don’t, keep in mind the cost of transportation.

Which Items Does Home Depot Assemble?

Home Depot offers assembly on 3 lines of their products. You can ask for assembled delivery or at-home assembly services for their grills, patio furniture line, and outdoor storage solutions.

Some of the grills that Home Depot sells come unassembled, and while you can see the assembled pieces in the store, you purchase them as flat-packed pieces. The assembly services you will be offered start at the store as you can have your grill assembled before taking it home yourself or having it delivered.

The patio furniture assembly includes pre-assembled pieces such as the chairs and tables, but if you have purchased an umbrella, it will be assembled at your home as transporting that can be a logistical nightmare for you cost-wise.

For their outdoor storage solutions, such as sheds, the assembly options have an in-store assembly where you can pay for your shed to be delivered to your location. Still, the better option would be to have the at-home delivery done as the shed will be built exactly where you want it to be placed.

How Long Do These Services Take?

If you opt for in-store assembly, that will not take more than a few hours as Home Depot has technicians in their stores to cater to these kinds of situations. You will likely have to wait a few hours if you would like to leave with your purchase, or you can always leave your address with them and have it delivered to you.

This delivery will be done within the same day or early next-day, depending on how busy Home Depot’s schedule is.

For assembly services that you would like at your home, you will receive a call from a pro within 1-2 days of your order, and the assembly appointment will be scheduled at a convenient time for you. If you’re getting a shed assembled, the pro will need about 6 to 8 hours to complete the job, while patio furniture will take just 2-4 hours, depending on the number of pieces you have in the set. Your new grill will also be ready for use in 2-4 hours with the highest professional assembly possible.

Final Thoughts

Home Depot is known for being the go-to store for so many people in the US. They have been predominantly a hardware store but have slowly been transitioning into a homeware brand as well. They have multiple options of furniture styles and sizes available for you to buy at great prices. A part of these great prices comes from the fact that they have flat-packed furniture that requires assembly.

Now, while you could always assemble these products yourself, Home Depot offers assembly services for outdoor storage products, patio furniture sets, and grills. You have the option of buying these and then getting them assembled in-store, or you can have assembly pros come to your location to assemble your new purchase. In-store assembly is free, but the transportation will cost you unless you have your van or truck.

The at-home assembly costs depend on the style and price of the products you are getting assembled but will not cost an arm and a leg. The time taken to assemble does not exceed a few hours, and you have your purchase ready to use in no time.

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