Ikea Furniture: The Ultimate Guide (with 97 Answers)

Today, IKEA is by far one of the most relevant furniture and home remodeling stores across the world. Currently with 423 stores in operation across the world, IKEA has conquered a large share of the furniture market by offering products focused on simplicity, affordability, and sustainability. With future plans to continue its expansion, IKEA is expected to become increasingly popular in households across the world. 

For us consumers, this is great news. Ikea offers a new way of shopping for furniture, shifting away from the old-school ways (with pushy salespeople, negotiations, and trying to figure out how you’re going to take your new couch home). When we shop at IKEA, we feel like we’re in control. The way the stores are built makes it easy to get around, and you never feel harassed by people that work there. In addition, most of the products are budget-friendly and you can find awesome in-store services like childcare and food courts. 

Still, there are many things you most likely don’t know about IKEA. And if you did, it would make your whole experience shopping there a lot better. I’ve gone through the process of furniture shopping more times than I care to experience, and I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with the lack of (and sometimes misleading) information given by stores. With that in mind, I’ve decided to write very thorough guides about the most popular furniture stores across the country. I’ve tried to answer the most popular questions customers have, give my personal opinion on the stores, and pretty much cover as much information as possible. My hope is that, with these guides, you can know exactly what you’re getting yourself into and, this way, make your furniture buying process as hassle-free as possible. Today we’ll cover one of my favorite stores, IKEA. 

In this page, you will find answers and information about:

  • Ikea’s Style
  • Store Features
  • Average Prices
  • Product Information
  • Payment & Discounts
  • Shipping Information
  • Return Policy
  • Warranties
  • Customer Service
  • My Personal Review
  • Cheatsheet

IKEA’s Style

1. What Style Is Ikea Furniture?

The vast majority of the furniture sold by IKEA follows a Scandinavian style. This style focuses on furniture that is simple and functional, keeping details to a minimum. You will notice that most of the furniture sold by IKEA has simple, clean lines and usually only contains one or two colors. 

If you’re searching for furniture with a great deal of detailing or multiple colors, IKEA will most likely not be the ideal store for you. With that being said, you can definitely create beautiful and cozy rooms using IKEA furniture. Choosing simple yet elegant furniture can create very inviting rooms, which is why the Scandinavian style is chosen by many. 

2. Who Makes Ikea Appliances?

Most of the kitchen appliances sold by IKEA are made by Whirlpool. The appliances sold by IKEA are essentially the same ones sold by Whirlpool without a logo or brand in them. If you look at the NUTID refrigerator sold by IKEA, you can see that it is virtually the same as the 36-inch wide French Door refrigerator sold by Whirlpool. Even looking at the photos of the interior, you can see that the shelves are the same. However, the NUTID refrigerator sells for $1,799 while its counterpart sells for $2,199. Generally, IKEA appliances are cheaper than Whirlpool’s, even though they are pretty much the same.  

3. Where Is Ikea Furniture Made?

Most of the furniture sold by IKEA is made in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and China in order to reduce costs. However, some of the furniture is made in European countries like Poland and Romania. The pictures below are from dining chairs I recently bought (made in Thailand) and a dining table (made in Poland). 

4. Why Is Ikea So Cheap?

If you’re looking to furnish your home, you will notice that IKEA is actually one of the cheapest furniture stores you can find. IKEA has a very innovative business model, so there are a few different reasons why their products are so cheap:

  1. Efficiently designed furniture: IKEA’s R&D department ensures that each item requires the least amount of parts possible;
  2. No assembly costs: since customers need to put the furniture together, IKEA is able to save money on assembly costs;
  3. Efficient shipping: since the furniture is shipped disassembled, IKEA is able to flat pack everything, which allows it to optimize shipping space;
  4. Economies of scale: IKEA can get great deals from suppliers since they are buying in extremely large quantities;
  5. Limited diversity of materials: most products use similar materials and tools, which keeps overall costs low.

5. Who Are Ikea’s Competitors?

IKEA’s main competitors in the US are: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Wayfair, Ashley Furniture, Overstock, Berkshire Hathaway Furniture (Nebraska Furniture Mart, Jordan’s Furniture), Rooms-to-Go, Williams-Sonoma (Pottery Barn, West Elm), Home Depot, among others.

Store Features

6. Does Ikea Offer Design Services?

IKEA does offer design services in select locations. However, the majority of stores in the US do not offer such services. In Frisco, TX, for instance, a 2-hour design consultation can be booked for $59.

However, time slots are limited and should be booked in advance. In addition to offering home design services, some locations also offer business design services.

7. Will Ikea Assemble Furniture For You?

As long as you purchase your furniture in-store, Ikea offers assembly services performed by their own team. Such services start at $89. If you purchase your items online, that option is not available. However, the company has partnered with TaskRabbit – a company that offers assembly services.

You would need to book an assembly team, and they would come to your house to build your furniture. TaskRabbit will charge you a certain price per item of furniture, and these costs can be quite high. I would definitely recommend that you assemble the furniture yourself whenever possible.

8. Will Ikea Help Load Your Car?

The majority of IKEA stores has people assisting customers to load products into their cars. In busy days, staff members will most likely hang around the loading area, but during slower days you might need to ask for help. 

9. Can Ikea Hold Items For You?

IKEA will not hold or reserve items for customers.

The best you can do is buy something online using IKEA’s Click and Collect service and set the pick-up day for the next day or the following, and then pick it up within 24 hours. If you wait longer, your $5 deposit will be forfeited. 

10. Will Ikea Ship To Another Store?

IKEA does not offer shipping services between stores. If an item is out of stock at your store, you will need to either drive to the next closest store or have the items shipped to your home.

11. Ikea – Can You Reserve Items Online?

You can buy items online and set it up so you can pick it up at an IKEA store. You will need to pay a $5 service fee, which will be reimbursed to you in the form of store credit when you pick up your item. The items will only be reserved for 24 hours after the established delivery date, so you will lose the $5 if you take any longer.

12. Can Ikea Look Up A Receipt?

Normally, IKEA keeps an electronic copy of the receipts. If you can provide them with the exact date of your purchase and give them the number of the credit card used for purchase, they should be able to locate the receipt. If they can’t find it, you might still get a refund for store credit if the item is in a resalable condition.

13. Will Ikea Replace Broken Parts?

If your IKEA furniture has a broken part, all you need to do is take the broken part and your receipt to a store and IKEA will replace it for you. If you wish, you can also take the receipt and get a full refund for the item (only applicable for the first 365 days after the purchase).

14. Can I Buy Ikea Spare Parts?

If the spare part you are looking for has a 6-digit number, you can email Ikea with a request and they might be able to send you the part for free. If the part doesn’t have a 6-digit number, you should contact a local store to see if the part is available for purchase. Alternatively, you can see if it is available for sale on Amazon or eBay.

15. Does Ikea Buy Back Used Furniture?

IKEA stores in the United States currently do not offer buy-back services. The only country where that is possible is in Canada. IKEA Canada has a program that allows customers to sell their older IKEA furniture back to the stores.

16. Does Ikea Have A Clearance Section?

Yes. IKEA has a Clearance/As-Is Section in each store, usually located at the end of the “self-serve” furniture section and right before check out. 

17. Will Ikea Remove My Old Kitchen?

In the United States, Ikea does not offer its own kitchen installation service. They do, however, have a partnership with Traemand, a company that offers kitchen installation services. Whether they will or will not remove your old kitchen will depend on the contract you have with Traemand.

18. Does Ikea Have A Registry?

Yes, all IKEA stores in the United States offer registry services. You can sign up for it either online or at a store.

19. Does Ikea Have Gift Cards?

Ikea offers gift cards in increments of $5 to $1,000. They can be redeemed at any store or online, with a maximum of 4 gift cards per order. These gift cards can be purchased online on the Ikea website or at a physical store, and they never expire.

20. Does Ikea Have Scooters, Strollers, And Electric Wheelchairs?

According to Ikea’s website, stores normally do not have scooters, strollers, or electric wheelchairs. They do, however, offer manual wheelchairs in every store. You should contact your store to be sure though since some stores do offer scooters. In the picture below, you can see that the Ikea store in Frisco does offer scooters.

Scooters at Ikea Frisco

21. Does Ikea Allow Dogs?

The only dogs allowed at Ikea are service dogs. Pets and emotional support animals (ESA) are not allowed at the stores.

22. Does Ikea Have Wifi?

Yes, Ikea stores do have free wifi. It is usually offered across the whole store, and definitely at the Ikea cafe. 

23. Does Ikea Have Ev Charging?

Select Ikea stores have Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. Currently, 13 stores in the US offer this service (San Diego, Costa Mesa, Carson, Covina, East Palo Alto, Emeryville, Tempe, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Houston, Frisco, and Bolingbrook). 

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station at Ikea

24. Shopping At Ikea With A Baby Or Toddler?

If shopping at Ikea with a baby, you should make sure you bring a stroller as Ikea does not normally provide those. If you’re shopping with your toddler, Ikea offers free 60 minutes of supervised playtime for potty-trained kids with a height between 37” and 54”. 

Smaland at Ikea Frisco

25. Ikea For Business

Ikea offers solutions for your business needs as well. You can find furniture for your business regardless of whether you work in an office, in a retail setting, or with hospitality. 

Average Prices

26. What Are the Average Prices at Ikea?

We have all heard that Ikea is cheap, but it’s a little hard to really know how cheap it is. When you’re furniture shopping, you have so many options from different stores that you usually begin getting prices mixed up. We wanted to paint a clear picture of what Ikea prices usually look like, so we analyzed all the items in the main categories. The table below shows the minimum, the average, and the median prices you will pay for Ikea furniture.

CategoryMinimum PriceAverage PriceMedian Price
Dining Sets (for 6)$629.00$961.80$843.00
Queen Mattress$189.00$487.00$499.00
Area Rugs$12.99$151.22$149.00

Product Information

27. Does Ikea Have Electronics?

Ikea offers a very small selection of electronics, mainly consisting of speakers and a few smart-home devices. It also sells a lot of kitchen appliances. Ikea does not, however, sell any sort of TV, videogame, or computer.

28. Does Ikea Have Good Quality Furniture?

Yes, Ikea does have good quality furniture. Items are well designed, durable, and will last for a long time if properly taken care of. With that being said, they do follow Scandinavian trends and are usually minimalistic. So while Ikea furniture is of good quality, it will not have the same level of detail or sturdiness as the furniture you may find in other stores.

29. Does Ikea Furniture Come With Tools & Screws?

Every piece of Ikea furniture comes with all the screws required to assemble the furniture. In some cases, the package will also include a hex key (or Allen wrench) so you won’t need any additional tools. However, you will most likely need to have your own screwdriver and hammer. 

30. Does Ikea Furniture Come With Extra Parts?

Usually Ikea furniture will not come with any extra parts, and you will get the exact number of parts you need. Every now and then you will get a few extra parts, so you don’t have to freak out just because you have an extra screw left after assembling your furniture.

31. Does Ikea Furniture Come With Instructions?

Yes, every furniture item from Ikea comes with instructions. If for some reason you don’t receive them, you can always find the instructions online for free on Ikea’s website.

32. Does Ikea Furniture Have Formaldehyde?

According to Ikea, formaldehyde is forbidden in any paint or lacquer used for their furniture. Ikea says that all their furniture is “safe and healthy to use”. 

33. Is Ikea Furniture Greenguard Certified?

No, Ikea furniture does not hold any certification. 

34. Is Ikea Furniture Environmentally Friendly?

Ikea is very focused on environmentally friendly policies. They have a campaign to use only recycled or renewable-based plastic for all their products by 2030. All the cotton used by Ikea is from sustainable sources. Many of the stores in the US are already fueled by solar systems installed in the stores. Overall, Ikea furniture is considered to be very environmentally friendly.

35. Is Ikea Furniture Ethically Made?

Ikea does not rely on labor as much as other furniture stores since there are no labor costs associated with assembling the furniture. Ikea claims to be focused on ethical responsibility by ensuring fair pay and decent working conditions. 

36. Does Ikea Furniture Have Prop 65 Warning?

Yes, Ikea furniture that are susceptible to Prop 65 will contain warnings. Ikea has been sued since the passing of Prop 65, so it now enforces the addition of warnings in every product vulnerable to the rule.

37. Does Ikea Furniture Have Flame Retardants?

Ikea sofas, mattresses, and bedding made after January of 2015 do not contain flame retardants. As previously mentioned, Ikea attempts to keep chemicals to a minimum and claims that its furniture is safe and healthy for use.

38. Does Ikea Furniture Have To Be Fixed To The Wall?

It is up to your discretion whether you wish to fix your Ikea furniture to the wall or not. The reason why Ikea provides the wall-kits in the packages is that a few of its heavy dressers and bookshelves have fallen in the past causing the death of toddlers. For that reason, Ikea started the campaign incentivizing people to fix their furniture to the wall.

39. Does Ikea Furniture Require A Drill?

While a drill might make the assembly faster and less tedious, it is not required. The only tools you will need are a screwdriver and, in some cases, a hammer.

40. Is Ikea Furniture Difficult To Assemble?

No. Personally, I have assembled several items from Ikea, and I never thought it to be difficult. Assembly time usually ranges from 30 minutes to 4 hours, even if you do not have a lot of experience. The instructions are very clear and the parts come together smoothly. 

41. Is Ikea Furniture Easy To Disassemble?

Disassembling Ikea furniture is actually sometimes harder than assembling it. You don’t know what order to follow and sometimes you end up losing a few parts. Still, it is not that difficult as long as you keep things organized. Notice that you do not have to disassemble the furniture if you wish to return it, as Ikea will accept returns of already assembled furniture.

42. What is Ikea Furniture Made Of?

Some of Ikea’s furniture is made out of real wood, but the majority is made out of fiberboard/particleboard. This 5-drawer chest, for instance, is made mostly out of solid birch. The Hemnes Dresser, on the other hand, is made mostly out of fiberboard. Solid and real wood furniture is normally a lot sturdier and more durable than particleboard.

43. Is Ikea Furniture Laminate Or Veneer?

While you can find some furniture from Ikea that has veneer finish, the vast majority of products have a laminate finish. Ikea chooses to make items this way as it keeps costs down while still looking nice. 

44. Does Ikea Furniture Last?

If properly assembled, Ikea furniture can actually last for a good time. Products that do not have any moving parts (doors or drawers) are likely to last longer than ones that do. In addition, some Ikea products are sturdier than others, and therefore will last longer. Nonetheless, it is not rare for Ikea furniture to last 5 to 15 years. 

I used to own a bed frame while I was in college that had to be assembled and disassembled 5 or 6 times, transported around, stored at a storage unit for months, and it was still in good condition when I finally disposed of it after 5 years.

45. Does Ikea Furniture Look Cheap?

Since furniture from Ikea follows a Scandinavian design, it looks simple and has clean lines. Some people will qualify that as looking cheap, but it is not necessarily the case. Depending on the item, Ikea furniture can look very similar to much more expensive products.

46. Is Ikea Furniture Comfortable?

Items sold by Ikea like upholstered dining chairs and mattresses are just as comfortable as ones sold by other stores. However, one type of furniture from Ikea that is not comfortable are couches. Following the Scandinavian style, Ikea couches are simple and fairly flat, which ends up not providing enough comfort. I have tried sitting on every couch I could find at the store, but wasn’t able to find one that was comfortable enough.

47. Is Ikea Furniture Safe For My Baby’s Nursery?

Ikea takes the safety and the health of its customers very seriously, especially when it comes to babies and toddlers. Ikea claims that its baby furniture is tested against the “toughest safety standards in the world.” Their nursery furniture is pretty sturdy, and it seems to be very safe. Also, Ikea publish on their website if one of your products need to be recalled for safety reasons.

48. Is Ikea Furniture Sturdy?

Since most of Ikea’s furniture is made of fiberboard, it will generally not be as sturdy as solid wood products. However, Ikea spends a lot of money on the design of its products, so the joint, screws, and nails are positioned in the perfect places. At the end of the day, Ikea furniture is sturdy enough to stand daily use. 

49. Can You Paint Ikea Furniture?

Since Ikea furniture usually has a laminate finish, it can be quite challenging to paint (since the paint will not stick). However, there are many online DIY tutorials that show ways you can properly paint Ikea furniture. We recommend this tutorial, which contains a step-by-step guide with photos and an instruction video as well. 

50. Is Ikea Furniture Flat Pack?

Yes, Ikea furniture will come disassembled, inside one or more packages depending on the item. This allows for easy transportation from the store to your home.

51. Will Ikea Furniture Fit In My Car?

The fact that Ikea furniture comes flat packed allows you to fit a surprising amount of items, even in a small car. Most items like dining tables, chairs, dressers (and even sofas) will fit in your car even if you own a sedan. As long as you can fold your back seats, you should be able to fit most Ikea products. Items that may need an SUV are mostly mattresses or tall bookshelves. 

If you want to be sure you can fit the furniture in your car, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to Ikea’s website and find the product you want to purchase;
  2. Scroll down to the section that is titled Package Details;
  3. See if the product dimensions work with your specific car.

52. Which Ikea Mattress Is The Best?

After conducting some research, it seems that the best and most popular Ikea mattress is the HAUGSVAR Hybrid Mattress, which is a medium-firm and comes roll packed. It is a good mattress option for a very affordable price. Overall, customers have reviewed the Haugsvar mattress very positively across multiple different websites.

53. Can Ikea Wardrobes Be Cut To Size?

Yes, you can cut Ikea wardrobes to make sure they fit your individual needs. However, Ikea will not do it for you, so you’re going to need to cut them yourself. We have found a helpful guide here.

54. Can Ikea Plates Go In The Oven?

Most Ikea plates are made out of stoneware, tempered glass, or porcelain. These materials are usually safe to go in the oven at lower temperatures (<200F). The most important part is to avoid temperature shock (adding cold water) as that may cause the plate to shatter. If you wish to put your Ikea plate in the oven, allow it to return to room temperature slowly. Also, some Ikea plates are made out of earthenware and those should not go in the oven. 

55. Can Ikea Cut Countertops?

Ikea countertops are pre-cut, so Ikea will generally not cut them again for you. However, Ikea does offer the option of custom countertops, which you can only order at the stores.

56. Can Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Be Painted?

Yes, but you need to follow a specific method. See question #49 for the method.

57. Can Ikea Bowls Go In The Microwave?

The following Ikea bowls are microwave-safe: Oftast, Ikea 365+, Skyn, Verdagen (white/black stoneware), Kalasmat, Varmer, Upplaga. Generally, if your bowl is white it should be microwave safe. If they are made of wood, bamboo, glass, or metal, your Ikea bowl should not go in the microwave.

58. Can Ikea Beds Be Disassembled?

Yes. You should just follow the assembly instructions in reverse order (from end to beginning). 

59. Are Ikea Mattresses Good?

Ikea mattresses are similar to or better than mattresses from specialized companies that sell at the same price point. Customers have reviewed mattresses positively, which shows that Ikea mattresses are a good alternative for shoppers who are on a budget. 

60. Are Ikea Kitchens Any Good?

Considering that Ikea kitchen cabinets are sold at such attractive prices, they can be a very good deal. They are mostly made out of fiberboard (which is not as fancy as solid wood), but they are still extremely durable. For a 10×10 kitchen remodel, most Ikea deals will range between $1,000 and $3,000. Additionally, Ikea offers the 3D Kitchen Planner, which is an awesome tool that allows you to project exactly what your kitchen will look like.

61. Are Ikea Sofas Good?

Ikea sofas are considered to be very affordable and durable, but they tend to lack in comfort. They are a good fit for offices or if you own a short-term rental property, but they are generally not good enough to be the main couch you use every day. 

62. Are Ikea Beds Good?

Ikea bed frames are affordable, durable, and well designed. I used to own a simple Ikea bed frame, and I had to put it together about 4 or 5 times (due to relocation), and it held together beautifully. They won’t be as luxurious as some other beds you can buy at special stores, but, for their price, they are very good.

63. Are Ikea Mattresses Standard Size?

Ikea mattresses follow the sizing standards of the country in which the store is located in. For instance, since the standard mattress sizes are different in the US and in the UK, Ikea stores in the US will sell different mattresses than stores in the UK. 

The table below shows how mattresses sold by IKEA US compare to the standard sizes:

Mattress TypeDimensions (inches)
Standard Twin (U.S)39” X 75”
Ikea HASVAG, Twin38.25” X 74.38”
Standard Full (U.S.)54” X 75”
Ikea MORGEDAL, Full53.12” X 74.38”
Standard Queen (U.S.)60” X 80”
Ikea MEISTERVIK, Queen59.88” X 79.5”
Standard King (U.S.)76” X 80”
Ikea MAUSUND, King76” X 79.5”

64. Are Ikea Sofas Flat Packed?

Yes, even the largest Ikea sofas come flat packed. Even the U-Shape sectional LANDSKRONA (which is very large) comes flat packed inside 7 different packages, which makes transportation a lot easier. 

65. Are Ikea Pillows Good?

Just like any other store, Ikea has both good pillows and bad ones. It all comes down to how you sleep and what main features you’re looking for in a pillow. I’ve purchased pillows from Ikea that I found to be excellent and I still use them after a few years. I’ve also purchased the SLAN pillow for $1.99 (because why not, right?), and I can tell you it is so thin that you almost feel like you’re sleeping on a napkin. 

Payment Information

66. Does Ikea Have Apple Pay?

Ikea does not accept payments through Apply Pay in the United States yet. The only region where Ikea accepts Apple pay (as of 2019) is Great Britain. Additionally, you can only pay using Apple Pay for in-store purchases.

67. Does Ikea Have A Credit Card?

In the US, Ikea offers two credit card options to customers. The first one, the Visa Ikea credit card, offers rewards in the form of store credit for purchases made anywhere Visa cards are accepted. The second one, the Ikea Projekt credit card, does not offer rewards but allows customers to finance purchases with 0% interest. The Projekt card can only be used at Ikea stores.

68. Does Ikea Have A Payment Plan?

Ikea only offers payment plans for customers who apply for the Ikea Projekt card. 

69. Does Ikea Have Financing?

In the United States, Ikea offers financing options for customers who have the Ikea Projekt card. With this card, customers can have 6 months of 0% interest financing on purchases above $500, 12 months on purchases above $1,500, and 24 months on purchases above $5,000. 

70. Does Ikea Charge Tax?

Yes, Ikea charges sales tax in the US. Whether you purchase the goods in-store or online, Ikea will charge you the appropriate sales tax for your state.

71. Does Ikea Accept American Express?

Yes, Ikea accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards for both online and in-store purchases.

72. Does Ikea Accept Check?

Ikea does not accept checks in the United States, only credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and cash.

73. Can You Negotiate Prices At Ikea?

Ikea does not negotiate prices. They have such high demands that they don’t need to offer better offers than the advertised prices. In addition, Ikea already prices their furniture at a discount.

74. Does Ikea Take Paypal?

Ikea does not accept Paypal in the US. However, Ikea UK does accept it. 

75. Ikea Can You Pay Monthly?

You can only pay monthly if you apply for the Projekt card. See question #69 for more details.

76. Does Ikea Have A Teacher Discount?

Ikea does not have a regular discount for teachers. However, stores do occasionally run events or promotions that target teachers. For instance, in the summer of 2019, Ikea ran a campaign in its US stores that awarded teachers with discounts, free food, and chances to win gift cards.

77. Does Ikea Have A Student Discount?

Ikea does not offer student discounts, unfortunately. The only way you can get discounts at Ikea is to join the Ikea Family program (which is free).

78. Does Ikea Have Coupons?

The only way to receive coupons for Ikea is to join the Ikea Family program. It is completely free, and it allows customers to get discounts and receive occasional coupons.

79. Does Ikea Have Military Discount?

As of 2019, Ikea does not offer discounts for the military or any armed forces. 

80. Does Ikea Have A Labor Day Sale?

Yes, Ikea has a labor day sale with discounts and offers for several of its products. Customers are required to be a part of the Ikea Family in order to take advantage of Labor Day offers.

81. Does Ikea Have Sales?

Ikea has periodic sales for different items at a time. However, only Ikea Family members can take advantage of sales and discounts.

82. Does Ikea Have Black Friday Sales?

Ikea does offer discounts on selected products from Black Friday all the way until Cyber Monday. Once again, in order to take advantage of this sale, customers need to be members of the Ikea Family.

Shipping Information

83. Does Ikea Have Free Shipping?

It is very rare for Ikea to offer free shipping. While it has happened on a few special occasions in the past, it is unlikely that you will get free shipping from Ikea.

84. Does Ikea Have Expedited Shipping?

Yes, Ikea offers same-day or next-day delivery on select zip codes across the US. Prices start at $64 and will be calculated depending on distance and demand.

85. Does Ikea Have Next Day Delivery?

Yes, on select zip codes. See answer #84.

86. Does Ikea Deliver On Sundays Or Saturdays?

The answer depends on what Ikea store you’re purchasing furniture from and how far your delivery address is. Generally, if your address is fairly close to the store, Ikea will deliver every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

87. Will Ikea Deliver?

Ikea offers two different delivery options: regular and expedited delivery. Prices will depend on your location, demand, and delivery type

88. Will Ikea Deliver Furniture Upstairs?

Yes. If you pay for the delivery charges, Ikea workers will deliver your furniture exactly where you want it to be – even if your apartment is not located on the first floor. They will also deliver it to the exact room you want. 

Return Policy

89. Will Ikea Pick Up Returns?

If you are trying to return large items, Ikea can pick up the furniture at your house. However, this service is not available everywhere and Ikea will charge you a fee for picking the item up.

90. Will Ikea Refund Without Receipt?

Ikea may be able to locate a copy of the receipt in their system as long as you give them the date and the number of the credit card used for the purchase. If they can’t do so but your item is in resalable condition, Ikea might give you a refund for your item as store credit. 

91. Will Ikea Exchange Without Receipt?

See answer #90, as the same applies to exchanges.

92. Ikea Return Without Packaging?

While Ikea asks customers to bring the original packaging for returns, it is definitely not necessary to do so. If you have a receipt and your item is in resalable condition, Ikea will accept returns even without the original packaging.

93. What Is Ikea’s Return Policy for Assembled Furniture?

Customers can return products up to 365 days after the initial purchase, even if the furniture has been assembled. If IKEA agrees that the product is unused and in resalable conditions, the store will issue a full refund. 

I’ve written an in-depth article on how to return assembled Ikea furniture. So if you’re looking to do that, you should definitely check out this article.

94. Ikea – Can I Cancel My Order?

You can cancel an Ikea order by notifying Ikea via email using this form or by phone at 1-800-434-IKEA. You can also attempt to cancel orders by calling customer service at 1-866-866-IKEA. If shipping has already occurred by the time you cancel the order, you will still be charged for shipping. Delivery charges are also non-refundable.


95. Does Ikea Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Ikea products do not have lifetime warranties. Ikea offers different warranty periods for different items, and all of them are listed on their website. As of 2019, the following warranties are offered:

ProductYears of Warranty
GODMORGON Bathroom Furniture, Sinks, and Faucets10 yrs
Mattresses25 yrs
PAX/KOMPLEMENT Wardrobes10 yrs
IKEA 365+ Knives15 yrs
SENIOR Pots and Pans25 yrs
SENSUELL Pots and Pans25 yrs
IKEA 365+ Pots and Pans15 or 5 yrs
VARDAGEN Pots5 yrs
SEKTION Kitchen System25 or 10 yrs
Appliances5 years
Kitchen Faucets10 years
Sofas and Armchairs10 yrs
Professional Office Desks, Tables & Storage10 yrs
Professional Office Chairs10 yrs

96. Can I Get Ikea Warranty Without Receipt?

If you need to return Ikea furniture that does have a warranty in place (see table above), you should have a receipt in order to have it exchanged or get a refund. If you have lost the receipt, you may try presenting a bank or credit card statement that can serve as proof of purchase. If you’re able to do that, Ikea might still exchange your items.

Customer Service

97. Does Ikea Have Live Chat?

Ikea does not offer a live chat service in the United States. The only ways to contact Ikea are by phone, by email, or at a physical store.

My Personal Review

Ikea is an excellent store, and I have been purchasing furniture from there for years now. The store is excellent for budget-friendly shoppers who still wish to own furniture that is both elegant and durable. 

However, unless you’re a minimalist and appreciate the Scandinavian style, I would not recommend that you purchase all your furniture from Ikea. I’ve found that you can purchase items that have much more detail from other stores (Nebraska Furniture Mart, Wayfair) for just a little more money. So stick to Ikea for items like nightstands, dressers, side tables, and maybe even dining sets. Ikea is also AMAZING for purchasing kitchen utensils on a budget, and I highly recommend it. 

The only thing I would 100% tell you to stay away from are Ikea couches. You can most certainly get a more comfortable one for a similar price somewhere else.


Gui Hadlich

Hi there! I'm Gui. I've had to move 12 times in the last 6 years, and I've learned a thing or two about moving, decorating, and buying and selling furniture. I've started Budget Friendly Furnishing with the intent of helping people furnish their homes in style without having to break the bank!

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